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Creda Heating has over forty years' experience in heating the nation. We know that the future of heating lies in low carbon electricity, as it gives the user both a reduced carbon footprint and lower running costs.

However, Creda Heating is not only about pioneering heating technology. Our electric heating solutions offer efficiency, economy, and convenience, hand-in-hand with innovative and stylish contemporary product design, and it's all backed by nationwide after-sales support and a dedicated sales team.

Creda's electric heating products give safe, instant, responsive heating on demand. Not only do they cost less to buy than a gas boiler system, they also give you greater flexibility in design and they are quick and easy to install or upgrade.

Our products are virtually maintenance-free and designed to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations. Advanced heating control options help you to achieve the best possible SAP ratings, wherever you install our products.

Whatever the requirement - from new build to refurbishment, a single room or a whole development, domestic or commercial - Creda Heating can provide the most effective, economical and environmentally-friendly heating solution.

Design Service

Let Creda take the pain out of your heating requirements by using our specialist design service. Designed to provide optimum heating solutions for all types of installations.

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