Benefits of Electric Heating

Electric heating has considerable practical advantages when compared with other fuels. In addition Creda Heating products are stylishly designed, built to a very high quality standard and employ advanced environmentally friendly technologies.

The main benefits of Creda's electric heating products can be defined in terms of installation, running costs, flexibility, safety, maintenance and comfort and control. Click to find out more about these important topics.

+/- Installation

Electric heating is very easy to install, so costs are kept to a minimum. Complicated pipe-work is not needed; all you have to do is connect each heater to the electrical circuit. This can be done at the second-fix wiring stage in new build properties.

As electric heaters can act as stand alone units or as part of a system, additions and upgrades are also easy to install.

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+/- Running costs

When specifying a heating fuel, it is essential to consider the lifetime costs of the system, not just the purchase and installation price. The costs of fuel and maintenance, efficiency and service-life all come into this.

Electric heaters are 100% efficient at the point of use, which means all the electricity is converted into heat whereas there is wastage with boiler systems as heat is lost through the flue.

Creda's electric heaters have a service life of 15 years, as opposed to ten years for a gas boiler; and electric heaters do not require maintenance. Also, electricity prices have risen less steeply than gas in recent years.

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+/- Flexibility

With no flue or pipework required, electric heaters can be installed virtually anywhere in the room and do not restrict the layout and design. Versatile electric heaters are also very useful in home extensions when the existing system has insufficient capacity for extra radiators.

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+/- Safety

Safety is always of paramount importance. Because electric heaters do not burn fuel internally to generate heat, there is no risk of explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning.

As there are no water-filled radiators to leak or burst, there is less risk of damage to completed properties, which can be a major concern if homes or commercial units are likely to stand empty for a period of time.

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+/- Maintenance

Maintenance can add significantly to the overall cost of a heating system, depending on the fuel used. It is very important to consider the likely impact of maintenance costs and any compulsory safety checks before specifying your chosen system.

With virtually no moving parts to break down or wear out, electric heating is extremely reliable. Gas boilers need regular servicing and an annual safety check is advisable, although not compulsory in owner-occupied private homes. However, for private and social rented properties an annual safety inspection of any gas system is a legal requirement.

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+/- Comfort and Control

There have been significant developments in electric heating in the last few years and Creda Heating's modern electric heaters incorporate highly sensitive, integral thermostatic controls.

These highly accurate controls enable the heater to respond rapidly to sudden changes in room temperature. Heater outputs are quickly reduced or increased to maintain the level of warmth and provide occupants with a comfortable, healthy living environment.

A further benefit is that electric storage-based heating systems provide continuous heat throughout the day, maintaining a consistent temperature in the building fabric. This helps eliminate any long-term problems of condensation.

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Design Service

Let Creda take the pain out of your heating requirements by using our specialist design service. Designed to provide optimum heating solutions for all types of installations.

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