TSR Supaslim CombiCombi storage heaters

The Supaslim Combi heater is designed to combine economic and low-cost storage heating with an independently thermostat-controlled fan heater. Effectively two heaters in one, the built-in fan can provide heat on its own or in combination with the storage heater for a rapid boost to room temperature.

Key features include:

  • Combines economic tariff rate storage heater with a fast and responsive Warmflow fan heater for instant room heating
  • The slimmest storage combination heater available
  • Sensamatic fully automatic storage heater output ensures room comfort levels are maintained throughout the day without user intervention
  • The Warmflow fan heater has manually adjustable room temperature sensing thermostatic control accurate to within 0.5°C
  • Quiet, low velocity Warmflow fan
  • All controls are concealed behind a lockable flap
  • Hydraulic input charge control thermostat provides auto-set input charge control
  • Fan heater ratings can be set on full or half load (installation option)
  • Automatic fan heater switch-off during off-peak tariff periods (installation override option)
Made in the British Isles

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