SFHA Sensair AutomaticStorage fan heaters

Able to operate on virtually any tariff and with two and a half times greater insulation levels than conventional storage heaters, the SFHA achieves higher SAP and NHER ratings than manual input storage heaters. The ultimate combination.

Key features include:

  • Combines electric storage heating, direct acting heating and fanned heat output with simple controls
  • Fully automatic heat storage - no user adjustment required on input controls
  • High performance insulation works more effectively than a conventional storage heater
  • Heat output is via a quiet two speed fan
  • Boost setting for high speed room heat up
  • Fan can be switched off without altering thermostat setting
  • Operates on virtually any tariff and takes better advantage of extended or split tariffs
  • Fanned heating avoids heat stratification
  • Lockable controls cover
  • Negative pressure air movement through the storage core avoids hotspots and heat leakage
  • Fan operation can be controlled by an external timer, such as the RFRTK7
Made in the British Isles

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