Panel heaters

Panel heaters are an example of direct acting heaters - providing heat only for the time they are drawing energy. This makes them 100% efficient as they provide instant warmth directly at the point of use. They are used mostly for rooms which only require heating for short periods like bedrooms – although in compact, well insulated modern properties, they can be used as a complete heating system.

Benefits of Creda panel heaters


Control options

A range of easy-to-use thermostatic controls maximises operation, saving energy and improving efficiency.


Accurate thermostats

These ensure that the room can be held at the required temperature without temperature ‘drift’, creating a constant, comfortable environment.

rapid responsive

Rapid response

The technology emplyed ensures rooms heat up rapidly and, when the heater is switched off, it will react just as quickly.

100% efficiency

Creda Panel Heaters use standard rate electricity to heat up a space quickly using convection heat, or a combination of radiation and convection heat. On a given tariff, 1kWh of energy used will cost the same, whether it’s a fan heater, panel heater, oil-filled radiator or even a hairdryer. A range of controls maximises operation, letting the user time their heating in line with their occupancy and saving running costs.

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