Storage Heaters

Storage heaters draw electricity when it is supplied at a lower price (usually at night) and store this as heat energy for slow release over an extended period. Because of the charging algorithms in Creda storage heaters, they will always be cheaper to run over a 16-hour day than direct-acting heaters, which use standard rate electricity.

Benefits of Creda Storage Heaters

low running costs

Low running costs

By harnessing off-peak electricity tariffs.

simple to use

Easily programmable

With learning algorithm and three seven-day timer profiles.

fan assisted

Rapid warm up

Thanks to fan assistance for effective, fast heat distibution.

TSRE room shot
TSRE room shot
TSRE room shot

Creda TSRE

The Lot 20 compliant Creda TSRE storage heater features an intelligent charging algorithm to calculate exactly how much electricity should be stored in order to provide the amount of heat required for the following 24-hour period and greater control is given to users thanks to the built in timer.

Need maximum efficiency?

Our sister company Dimplex offer a storage heater with even higher performance, the Dimplex Quantum. Quantum takes efficient heating further with its High Heat Retention (HHR) certification, featuring much thicker insulation in order to reduce standing heat losses. Visit the Dimplex site to find out more about Quantum.